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Connected, but alone?

A facebook share led me to this TED Talk from Sherry Turkle.

Sherry is speaking about things that really matter here.  Her thoughts about the disconnectedness resulting from our new connectedness resonate with me, and I share her concern about the way our texting and techy-dependent lives are affecting the way we relate, or fail to relate, with those around us.   I see it in my teenage nieces and nephews, I see it in my students, I see it in myself.  I appreciate that she points out how social networking, texting, etc. has enabled us to self-edit, to delete, to manufacture and mange an image that we want seen by others, but perhaps not our true selves. I wonder how about we can best help our students learn to truly live in meaningful face-to-face relationships in this TGIF (twitter-google-iPhone-facebook) world. There is no doubt that this major shift in communication places an absolute response from educators.  How can we maximize on the benefits of today’s technology while also teaching our students to listen, to relate, to be truly connected, to be present?

This TED talk is certainly worth your time!


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