“B” is for Balance.

On my first post, I reflected on Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk, “Connected, But Alone?”.  I wrote the following:

“I wonder how about we can best help our students learn to truly live in meaningful face-to-face relationships in this TGIF (twitter-google-iPhone-facebook) world. There is no doubt that this major shift in communication places an absolute response from educators.  How can we maximize on the benefits of today’s technology while also teaching our students to listen, to relate, to be truly connected, to be present?”

Today I reminded myself that I do know one powerful way to teach our students to be present, to be engaged in life beyond their iPhone….the great outdoors.  It is simple, but more and more, this message needs to be communicated to our students.

Today was proof to me, once again, that some of the very best learning, and the best memories made, happens when we move beyond our traditional classroom “walls”.  Today we celebrated our “Monster Smartie Party” with a bike trip to Candy Cane Park.

It was awesome.  We had perfect weather, we exercised and enjoyed it (plus we were band-aid free, impressive!), we smacked around a pinata, we ate Monster Smartie Cookie Pizzas, had a blast with the old school three-legged race and potato sack race, had an epic Tug-of-War battle, and an inevitable water-balloon fight.  We finished it all off with some ice-cream at DQ, which definitely hit the spot!

It just hit me that we really need the simple things sometimes.  Our kids really do need to get outside, and be with one another, relating, interacting, removed from technology.  We didn’t touch technology today, and they didn’t notice.  It was beautiful.  Now don’t get me wrong- I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.  But I think we need to be reminded of the needed balance in what we do, especially as kids become more and more wired up and saturated in digital-everything.  In our attempt to be relevant to our students’ everyday experiences, let’s not lose sight of the simple things- like three-legged races and good ol’ pinata smashing!


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