Refreshing the Pathways!

Time to get back into the blogging groove!  I’m glad for the push to return to this blog.   I am making a return because of educational requirements, but I am genuinely looking forward to renewing Digital Pathways!

ED 831 (Social Media and Open Education) is a class I have anticipated since beginning my Masters (C & I) a couple years ago.  I currently use a variety of social media in my personal life (you can see my homebase for social networking here), and I have blogged with my students for a number of years.  More to come on the blogging experience, as I moved from using a blog as a classroom hub (teacher maintained on Blogger) to a web of student work via Edublogs.  Beyond blogging, I have experimented with a variety of web apps, some of my go-to’s being Glogster, Prezi, VoiceThread and Tagxedo.  Thus far, I have found Edublogs and Google Drive to be the most transformative technology tools  in my teaching.  Its collaborative nature has brought a real strength to the way I teach Writing.  I have only tested out Twitter from a personal and professional standpoint and I have yet to use it with students consistently.  I am interested to see how this might play out in my classroom in the months to come.

I am interested in learning about how I can continue to develop and improve the integration of technology into my teaching.  I am especially interested to make the use of technology more meaningful: moving beyond the basic use of web apps to helping students develop a sense of online community and networking.  I am also looking forward to the opportunity to learn from others in my class, and pick up on inspirations and ideas from this online community.

Alright, that’s an official refresh for Digital Pathways!  Onward!


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