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Cooking in the Pinterest Age

Pinterest is my happy place (okay, ONE of my happy places).  I love great ideas, and I love that Pinterest has created a great space for sharing great ideas! If I could swing it, my full time job would be making all of my pins realities!  Pinterest is one example of how online community moves us away from individualism and towards a collective approach to life and learning (something I find intriguing given the individualistic nature of North American society…but that’s another post!).

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Lately, I have been appreciating the everyday practicality of sharing experiences and knowledge online.  Recently on Facebook, I asked for good reference for a chiropractor.  Within minutes, I had a stream of comments offering suggestions, as well as comments affirming other’s responses.  I love how Facebook allows you to have immediate access to such a wide community.  Pretty practical when it comes to getting feedback!

Yesterday, I cooked a pot of Curried Red Lentil soup and a pot of Thai chili.  The recipe for the pot of soup came from my “Cook It Slow” board on Pinterest, the original source being a cooking blog.  Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 8.57.16 PMThe chili recipe came from one of my recipe books.   Before beginning the chopping routine, I read through the comments on the soup recipe, noting that some found it too thick (too much quinoa), while others found that adding coconut milk added to the overall flavour.   I used both recommendations and ended up quite happy with the overall result.  The Thai chili on the other hand, turned out subpar.  I had a question about one of the ingredients and I think I used a substitute that didn’t quite get the job done.  Not that a recipe book isn’t a great resource (don’t get me wrong, I love a good recipe book!), but I did notice the difference between cooking with the stand-alone recipe and the recipe with the commentary offered from others.  Gotta say, I love cooking and creating in the Pinterest age!

What is one of your favorite sites for everday practical use?


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