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Social Media and the Kindness Movement

I cited Secret Agent L as an example of online community during Tuesday’s class.   Stories like Secret Agent L’s, or this Victoria biker set on “Random Acts of Coolness”, or a recent Tim Horton’s example, Pour it Forward, get me really excited about the power of social media to bring good to the world.   I enjoy teaching Math, Writing and Science, but what I’m most passionate about is helping my students recognize ways they use their gifts and passions to “be the change” in their world. I had forgotten about Secret Agent L until our class on Tuesday, so I looked into her story a little more (she has now revealed her identity, and is also taking a break from the Agency at the moment).

It is amazing when one person’s story meets yours, yet you’ve never met.  Her vision and mission inspired me, which I shared with my nephews, as well as my students, which then spread to numerous others who received little bits of kindness from the Agency.  That’s the Pay It Forward model in action, and that’s powerful stuff!  I love that social media has the power to spread goodness!  I would love to hear about how you observed or been a part of The Kindness Movement through social media?  I’m especially interested in hearing stories that involve your students!

Here are a few images from the Secret Agents of Kindness Inc. affiliate in Regina!  These pictures sure make me smile!!

DSC_0129 (1)

Secret Agents in training. You never know when you might come across a lazer zone.


Target Practice.


Preparing for our missions of kindness. We created treat bags with various surprises.


My little organizer.


We’re ready to the hit the streets!

DSC_0166 (1)

Not lacking in enthusiasm, or dynamite.



It’s official.

IMG_3919 (1)

Secret Agent M on his first mission.


IMG_3940 (1)

We set up an email account just in case someone wanted to get in touch with the Agency!

IMG_3942 (1)



Here is a group of my students who decided to join the Agency, though they renamed themselves as the Secret Agent Bros of Kindness. They had an amazing mission in their community!


2 thoughts on “Social Media and the Kindness Movement

  1. Hi Harmony,

    These pictures are super-cute! I had a look at the Secret Agent L blog and the stories are so heart-warming! I wonder if the recipients of these random acts of kindness ever are able to thank their senders through the blog? I think it is especially powerful to involve children in these types of projects as it teaches them the importance of selflessness and the spirit of giving.

    • Thanks, Valerie! That little adventure stands as one of my very favorite memories with my nephews. They were SO excited, as were my students. Something about having fun and doing something for others- a great combo!
      If I remember correctly, Secret Agent L often provided an email address where recipients could respond…

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