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Mind-Mapping The Project

I just read The Five Best Mind-Mapping Tools for Teachers and thought I’d put the first on the list, Coggle, to the test.  I used it map out my ideas for my photography project (which totally needs a cooler name than “my photography project”…in progress!).   I am a pretty big fan of having a visual map to help me break down a project.  I am always most drawn to use paper and pencil, as I am doodler, but it was good to explore a couple online possibilities tonight.

I found Coggle basic but super easy to use and perfect for its purpose.  I created my mind-map in about 5 minutes (I had already thought through the content so I only needed to put it together visually).  I would use Coggle with my students.  You can embed it and share it privately through a link.  I have used Inspiration in the past, but you have to pay for it (other than the free app version), and I don’t think it’s necessary when you only need to do a quick brainstorm.   I think Prezi has way too much going on for me to use it for a basic mind map.  Which mind-mapping tools do you prefer?

As for my project, I feel like it’s taking shape!  More on that in a post coming soon…



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