Digital Project / EC 831

A Momentary Upgrade

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a good friend’s wedding shower.  Wilf, one of the hosts and another close friend, is an experienced photographer and has a beautiful camera.  He let me “play” with it for the afternoon, and it was a fatal mistake.  Sometimes it’s better to not know what you are missing….especially when you know you can’t have it!  Wow, what a difference $3000 makes!  Ha!  I had so much fun snapping away, attempting to capture some of the bonds clearly evident between so many of the ladies in the room.

While I know that a $3000 upgrade is not in my near future, an 18-200m lens is on my wishlist.  It is so much easier to take candid, real images when you’ve got a bit of a zoom option.  Otherwise, I have to be too close to the subject and it’s harder to maintain some of the authenticity of the moment.  While I agree with Chase Jarvis that “the best camera is the one that’s with you” (I use my iPhone far more than my Nikon), it sure was fun to snap a few using the Cadillac!  Thanks, Wilf, and congrats, Alicia!






2 thoughts on “A Momentary Upgrade

  1. Beautiful shots. I used to have a zoom lens, and I used it all of the time. However, I don’t have one now, and I’m really missing it. It’s definitely on my list, and yes, there is a reason why some cameras cost $3,000.00. Nice friend to let you try it out. You just made me realize how much I want to save for one.

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