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Project Life 365, Day 1

In 2011, I joined thousands of others by taking part in a “My 365”. The goal of a 365 to capture the adventures of everyday life! It was a great experience, and it is especially fun to look back at my 365 photobook.  The last page of my book includes a reflection, one line explaining, “I think documenting your life with photos is a valuable exercise because it calls you to ordinary moments that become the fabric of your life”.   My 2011-365 was pre-Instagram, so I shared it on Facebook. It was a lot of fun to stay connected to others in this way. I would say that connecting and capturing were the two major aims of my project.

photo 2

photo 1

This time around I would like to add two additional strands to focus on in my everyday photos: creativity and composition.  I am joining Project Life 365 for the next month, and who knows, maybe for the next 365 days!  Project Life 365 is “an interactive photo a day challenge for creatives”.   With Project Life 365, photos are uploaded on Instagram under the #projectlife365 and then under the given inspiration for the day.  As their intro trailer shows, their aim is to “inspire  members to embark on a narrative journey by taking one photo each day”.

And, my first post, under the inspiration, #manmade:


First snowfall; first snowballs; first winter in Canada for a little brother. #projectlife365 #manmade

Any joiners??


4 thoughts on “Project Life 365, Day 1

  1. Harmony. You are amazing. Such an inspiration. I am really liking my new ‘Gratitude Journal’ App. It is my photo a day and list of things I am thankful for in one!

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