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The Photo Shoot Adventures, Part 2.

This weekend I had the chance to spend an hour or so with a special family.  Jamie is a colleague and friend.  She is strong, courageous, and she is persistent.  She has five beautiful kids, and she is raising them on her own.  Before using too many words, here are some images to tell more of their story:




It was definitely a challenge trying to “organize” any posed photos, which I anticipated and wasn’t really planning on, anyway. However, the next time I work with a family with little ones, I will try and take the family shots right off the hop.  I wasn’t very satisfied with the quality of my group photos.  It was really difficult to keep everyone in the same spot, with their attention relatively fixed on the camera for longer than a couple seconds (to be expected with 5 kids!).  Maybe doing this at the beginning would be easier.  The downside is that you don’t have much rapport built with the kids, but the upside is making sure you get the family photo you really want.

Here's a handful...okay, here's 60. :) You have beautiful kids, Jamie!


It was fun to get to know the kids during our time together.  In the first few minutes, I overheard Ben complain, “This park is boring!”  I pointed out all of the trees asking to be climbed, and it didn’t take long until this happened:



Later he discovered that long sticks could actually be rakes, and the nearby pile of dirt could actually be a garden.


And then just as we were attempting to gather everyone together for a family shot, a neighbour came by with a dog.  Game over!  It was refreshing to observe kids in genuine “play” moments outside.  Monkey bars to be swung from, piles of leaves to hide in, trees to be climbed, hills to roll down, dirt to rake, dogs to play “fetch” with…what more do you need?!







11-DSC_0023-001I don’t have the technical knowledge yet to make adjustments with my camera during the photoshoots and that makes me feel a bit uneasy.  When the shots are a bit blurred, or the lighting isn’t quite right, I’m not sure yet how to make those changes on the go.  This is a work in progress.  I am okay to live in the between, knowing that there is so much yet to learn.  I think it would be great to shadow a friend during a photoshoot.  I am not sure I will be able to make this work in the next month or so, but at some point I think it would be helpful.

Thanks, Jamie and kids for a fun Friday afternoon in the park!



4 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot Adventures, Part 2.

  1. Loved the close up photos. It would have been fun if you had put all their hands together. I also loved the angle looking up the tree. Great perspective. I experimented with my photo club last year just taking parts of people–just the eyes, just the hands, just the mouth or neck. They turned out great. Looking forward to some more photos.

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