Digital Project / EC 831

The Ever-Evolving Digital Project

If you are following the unfolding of my Digital Project, you could be getting a little dizzy.  Apologies.  Another shift in direction has arrived, but I promise, it’s the final move!  Let’s back up and see where this adventure started, and where it is now heading…

Path 1: To Flip Or Not to Flip?

This project started potentially as a renewed and “flipped” approach to teaching Math.  Though I did not officially pursue this, I have actually made significant changes in my Math classroom in the last month.  In an attempt to better meet the (very) diverse needs of my group of 32 students in my Math class, I have divided them into three groups.  This is the first time I have made a true attempt at working with kids in smaller group settings (it was overdue) in Math.  I have a group of independent kids who are in a self-study environment, and they are essentially experimenting with the “flipped” approach.  A colleague at another school has developed tutorials for the outcomes in Grade 6 Math (awesome).  The kids are using these lessons, as well as relevant lessons from the Khan Academy to learn the outcome.   This all feels very much like a work in progress, and I struggle with what’s best, but I’m going to give this a go for at least the present unit and then I will re-evaluate.   I’m most definitely in learning mode!

Path 2: Second Thoughts; Inspired Shots?

I then decided to focus on developing my digital photography skills.  I also wanted to practice carrying out family photo shoots as a way to practice and also to help others.  I made some headway by having two different photo shoots (both great learning experiences and a lot of fun), joining the Project Life 365 photo group on Instagram, and spent significant time mapping out a plan.  I was okay with this, until last week’s class on digital citizenship.  I felt very impacted by what Alec shared, and I felt a certain push to concentrate my efforts on something more connected to our learning in EC 831.  I also felt like the topics we discussed need to be shared with parents, and I felt a real desire to connect with the parents at Jack Mack.  Thus….the FINAL turning in my digital project:

Path 3: Sharing What We’ve Learned

Shannon, a friend and partner in crime at Jack Mack, and myself have teamed up to create an online collection of resources for parents (a blog) and also host an evening workshop on digital citizenship.  We would like to cover many of the topics discussed in Alec’s class- some of the dangerous realities of the internet and social media, but also highligh the exciting and powerful potential of online learning.  I would really like to offer some tips and encouragement to our parents and open up some good discussion about how to help their kids navigate as digital citizens.  I would also like to stir up excitement about all the possibilities for meaningful learning AND making a difference that is available online.

There you have it! That is the last and final decision for my project!  While part of me doesn’t like that I have been a bit of a wanderer on this one, it hasn’t been without its benefits.  I have explored a new approach in Math, I am still carrying out photoshoots with families during the next six weeks, and now I’ve landed in a spot where I’m ready to stay planted…and will hopefully make a difference for people I care about!


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