Life in Grade 6 / Reflections

The Mindful Multi-Tasker?

A friend and special guest visited my Grade 6 classroom this afternoon.  Trina Markusson is both a wonderful person and an experienced expert in the practice of mindfulness (the art and science of being present).  She is especially passionate about helping students and families use mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress.  Here is a glimpse of my notes from today’s lesson (I needed this as much or more than my students!):

photo (1)

Trina shared about how the power of our thoughts.  She drew this spectrum to represent how our thoughts are often pulled to either the future or the past, and then offered two tools for helping us live in the present moment: enabling our 5 senses (I like to call this the practice of paying attention), and using anchor (or belly) breaths.

I find it more and more difficult to focus on just. one. thing (insert monster belly breath here).  My browser window is a reflection of my perpetual bent towards multi-tasking.  So many tabs at once.  So many things on the go at once.  I find that my iPhone has accentuated this tendency.  I no longer just sit and wait.  Or just sit on the toilet (come on, you’ve texted on the toilet before, too!??).  Or sit anywhere.  I sit and research.  I sit and tweet.  I sit and text.  I sit and Pin.  I sit and check the weather.   Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 7.18.17 PMAs you can see on my browser, I am in multiple spots at once: reading articles, writing documents, checking email, facebooking, pinning, blogging, planning, shopping, searching.  Sometimes I need to start a fresh window just to clear my head, similar to cleaning my room!  Today was a good reminder to focus on




Can you relate?  What helps you live fully in the present moment?

And a final link: Can Mindfulness Make Us Better Teachers?


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