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Preparing for our Parent Engagement Night!

Whoops, missed posting this…

I am really looking forward to our Parent Engagement Night!  Parent response has been quite positive, and also quite telling.  It’s clear that this is a relevant and pressing topic for parents.  Here’s the ad we ended up sharing in various spaces (school blog, classroom blogs, sent home as a hard copy note to all students, sent via teacher emails, posted on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus):

The average 8 to 18-year-old spends 7 ½ hours a day online. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Ask FM, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger: it’s a new language and landscape for communication, learning, and especially parenting. Today’s socially networked society presents both exciting and challenging realities for parents and educators. Are you plugged in? Do you know how your child is spending their time online? How can we raise media-smart, caring kids today? Join our parent engagement night on Monday, December 2 to learn about how you can help your child become a safe, smart and responsible digital citizen. We’ll start at 7pm in the Jack MacKenzie library! All are welcome! Hosted by Shannon Sanchuck (Grade 2 Teacher) and Harmony McMillan (Grade 6 Teacher). RSVP is not required but appreciated, please email

The email correspondence that has followed this has been an experience in itself.  Many responses have included short thoughts about the immediacy they felt about connecting with their kids about online issues.  A couple have emailed expressing their regrets about not being able to make it, but hoping that resources would be available, or perhaps a second workshop being held at a later date.

Shannon and I are working on developing a central blog hub for parents.  One of the feelings we anticipate is that of being overwhelmed by the scope of content and the speed of change.  Hopefully this blog will be helpful in alleviating some of that anxiety as it it brings together “the best of” parent resources on the web.

We are also busy working on a Prezi that will we use to deliver the information.  I am looking forward to connecting with families face to face on December 2!


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