EC 831

My Growing To-Do List (A Wonderful Thing)

There are a number of tools I have discovered throughout EC831. Some I have had time to explore, but many others are waiting in the wings.  Here’s the (always growing) list:

1.  Use Skype in the Classroom.  This has been on the list for awhile now and I am really excited about making it happen!  I’m hoping to find some connections to help me in Science, my next unit being Space.

2.  Engage in Twitter chats.  This was new to me this term and while I read through and engaged in a few chats after the fact, I did not take part in any “live”.  I love this resource and look forward to finding a couple go-to communities that I can remain connected with.  I have found this helpful in tracking the chats (thanks, Drew), as I previously wondered how a person would figure out what is available.  The “Discover” tab of Twitter has been a wonderful little click for me this term!

3.  Implement some form of Genius Hour in my classroom and stay connected with the #genuishour chat on Twitter.

4.  Continue working on using attribution in the photos that I post online.  I started this learning journey by refreshing my Flickr account as I feel that is the most practical for the purpose of applying CC licensing to my photos.  Thanks to Cogdog for the Flickr Attribution Helper, as well.

5.  Tweet with kids!  I am going to set up a classroom account and get rolling with this!  I love this idea for helping kids learn how to summarize.

6.  Use pechaflickr in my classroom.  Simple and fun!

7.  Engage with the Connected Classrooms community on Google Plus.  I would especially like to connect with a classroom here with the purpose of sharing the student blogging experience.  I would also like to try the virtual field trip!

Do you have any “must adds” for my list?! I think this will keep me busy…



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