Life in Grade 6

Reading Strategies Revamped

This morning I launched a new mini-unit to teach reading strategies to my Grade 6 students.  I think it’s worth sharing here because 1) the resource I’m using is fantastic and worth sharing, and 2) it represents the beauty of the internet for an educator!  

This brilliant resource was created by Jaime Speed over at Technology Up To Speed.  Jaime uses animated movie shorts to teach various reading strategy.  She has created a Google Doc to align two or three movie shorts with each key reading strategy.  She has also developed a second Google Doc that has a graphic organizer for each reading strategy.  Awesome!  They are very well done.  Today we viewed our first animated short and completed one of the graphic organizers together.  Then we viewed a second and they completed the graphic organizer on their own.  The kids very engaged and they loved viewing the short movies (there was plenty of laughter and lots of great dialogue that followed!).  Animated shorts are interesting because there is so much inferring happening!  I was surprised that the kids picked up on more detail than I did!  

I love finding little gems like this on the net: engaging, fun, effective…and FREE!  Thank you, Jaime!  I think I originally tracked this resource down on Pinterest (yes, I’ve mentioned my affection for Pinning before!), and Google Drive lands at the top of my transformative teaching tools!  And then, of course, the access to the animated shorts on YouTube!  Three excellent tools combined for a great learning experience in Grade 6 today!  


One thought on “Reading Strategies Revamped

  1. Indeed a great blog-post. furnished with superb information and thought provoking. I am volunteering my services at a school run for poor kids. there, we gave a lot of emphasis on phonics but now, after reading your words, i have a different perception of learning… wonderful read. stay blessed.

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