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ECI 831 Tracks: My Summary of Learning

This weekend I finished up my summary of learning.  For the content, I focused on “The Top 10 Take-Aways” of the class.  I was most impacted by the presentations and conversations surrounding the “hows”and “whys” of social media, and I tried to portray this in my summary.

I created this piece using iMovie and Camtasia 2.  I first used iMovie on my iPad to create the trailer, then imported it into my iMovie project.  I was originally planning to use Jing as a screencast tool (as I have created with Jing before), but discovered that their company had a more dynamic product called Camtasia 2, specifically for Macs.  I downloaded the 30-day trial made available on Camtasia 2.  I found it to be easy to use and I would definitely use it again for a similar purpose.  I enjoyed using the annotating tool and I think this added to my overall presentation.

I had a lot of fun creating the trailer and filming my nephews and my niece.  I love to bring them into my projects- partly because I love creating with them and spending time together, and also because they definitely bump up the cute factor in any presentation!  They were eager and enthusiastic little participants.  The screencasting was much less fun!  I find screencasts to be tedious, a bit boring, and I really don’t enjoy hearing my own voice over and over.   I found it easier to break them into ten different pieces.  It was also helpful to use a script.  I tried to keep it natural, but it’s a hard balance to find when you’re reading a script.  More practice needed, I guess!

It was a valuable experience to look back and summarize my learning at the close of the semester.  Introducing…ECI 831 Tracks! Enjoy!



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