ECI 832

A New Pathway Begins: ECI 832

I have blogged off and on for the past 10 years, initially writing about Chinese hairwashes and teaching adventures in Central China.  Later it was the story of Hong Kong Harm, and in more recent years, my professional blog has documented my learning in three different graduate courses.  Classroom blogging has been a part of my teaching rhythm since my years in Hong Kong.

I both love and hate blogging.  I love blogging because writing usually helps me unfold little gems of understanding.  The sorting and organizing and evaluating of ideas and thoughts is always good for me.  I also love how writing begins in one direction and then carries you somewhere new and unexpected.  Of course, I also enjoy that blogging happens in community.  You might read this and push me to consider another perspective, or you might read read this and find encouragement, or practical links.

At the same time, the element of community is also what makes me anxious about blogging.  I care too much about what people think, and that’s likely why I need to blog.  It’s part of the journey towards becoming and expressing who I am with honesty and consistency, and refusing to edit or retouch my story to gain the applause of others or shape your perception of who I am.

It will be good to re-establish my blogging groove once again!  I look forward to sharing the learning journey with the ECI 832 community this term.


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