ECI 832 / Major Project

Sunday’s Top Ten Take-Aways

Part of my major project involves mining into the world of Minecraft.  Today my mission was to soak up as much as possible about the game and the online Minecraft community.

Here are Sunday’s Top Ten Take Aways:

  1. If you’re looking for a formulaic, out-of-the-box and ready to go option for game-based-learning, MinecraftEdu isn’t it. MinecraftEdu is open-ended, versatile and often likened to a “virtual sandbox”.  The incredible potential for learning lies in the endless possibilities for creating, problem-solving and collaborating within a social network (Joel Levin, co-creator of MinecraftEdu describes the sandbox in an interview with Coolcatteacher).

    Sketch by Liisa Sorsa @thinklink

    Sketch by Liisa Sorsa @thinklink 

  2. YouTube is awesome.  I’ve never subscribed to anyone other than KidPresident, but now I’ve added a couple excellent channels of YouTubing Minecraft teachers! It was great to learn from experts.  Thanks for sharing your work, Shane Asselstine and EduElfie!  I know this will continue to be a great resource for me in the days to come (there are over 50 million Minecraft-related videos on YouTube).
  3. Australia is awesome, too. They created a contest for students to use Minecraft to create proposals for the designs of their national parks!
  4. There are endless possibilities for creating within Minecraft!
  5. I can use Minecraft to make connections across curriculum.  20SecondsWithMC is a YouTube channel that features a word of the week using Minecraft.  Again, YouTube is awesome!
  6. It’s important to establish ground rules when getting started with MinecraftEdu.  Students will bring expectations about the game based on their at-home experiences.  In an interview with Coolcatteacher, expert Lucas Gillespie explains the importance of distinguishing the context and structure of MinecraftEdu.  A student’s Minecraft experience at home may be similar to a game of pick-up basketball, while a MinecraftEdu experience could be likened to a structured Phys. Ed. lesson.
  7. I’m not alone in my feelings of inadequacy and anxiety!  It was helpful to browse through the Google Plus MinecraftEdu Community, as well as the Minecraft Teachers Google Group.  There are so many teachers exploring MinecraftEdu for the first time, just like me.  This was comforting!
  8. Machinima is not only a really cool word, but another incredible avenue, and community for connected learning!
  9. The MinecraftEdu World Library is filled with incredible work from other educators around the world. This means I don’t need to recreate my own maps within Minecraft.  I’m excited about taking advantage of this resource!
  10. This experience is going to challenge me, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun.  Where else do you get to teleport a student? Come on!


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