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That’s a Wrap! (Summary of Learning)

Terri and I worked together to create our summary of learning “Stayin’ Fresh in 832”, and we are happy to share our final product as a wrap-up to our term.   This project was certainly a collaborative effort and a new learning experience for me.

We started by re-freshing the original Belair tune, a fun songwriting venture that helped us reflect on our key take-aways throughout the term. We are hopeful that the combination of the lyrics and the Minecraft animation will effectively, and uniquely, share the story of our learning. We chose to use Minecraft because it was such an important part of our experience throughout the term. Minecraft machinima and musical Minecraft parodies inspired our creative process.  We were both inspired by the “remix” readings, and we wanted our project to reflect that learning, too.

Next, we started “filming”.  My students are really the stars of the show, as they played the lead and supporting roles.  Their involvement and leadership in the design and filming of our little movie also reflects what I have learned about “letting go” and learning from my students as experts.   I was the official camera woman, which I learned is a harder job than expected.  Organizing students for the group scenes was fascinating, frustrating, and funny.  We included a couple of “behind the scenes” clips at the end for a sneak peek into the conversations happening while filming!  Each student played the role of an ECI832 classmate, an idea that evolved midway through filming.  I only had 20 students, so we chose 16 random classmates to represent in the movie (plus Alec, Katia, Terri and myself).  Even then, sometimes players were in and out of the game due to connectivity (or being called out for band lessons midway… I think that’s why Alec is missing from half the song!).

We are really lucky that the amazing Greg Rieder, Grade 8 teacher at MTMS, happens to be an expert sound mixer!  He helped us with the audio recording and mixing, something that saved us a lot of time and frustration, I am sure.  Editing the clips was the last step, and likely the most tedious.  I used Camtasia Studio to record, edit and trim, and iMovie to assemble the final movie project.

While the project was time-consuming, it was a worthwhile learning experience.  I feel far more comfortable working with screencasts, having created three different Minecraft-related videos in the last three weeks.  I think a similar project could be an awesome project for my students and I look forward to exploring possibilities in the coming months.

Here are the lyrics for our song:

Stayin’ Fresh in 832

Now this is a story all about how my digitized life turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute, just tweet this out:

Media literacy is what it’s all about!

In EC & I 832

Meetings on Zoom with the rest of the crew

Visitors, residents connected all cool

Building PLNs outside of the school

When a couple of profs who were up to no good

Started making trouble in my neighbourhood

Was in a little deep,

Hatin’ WordPress and Twitter

“consume AND create, girl, you can’t be a quitter!”

Mixin’ and memin’, new literacies are in

It’s Ribble’s 9 elements: for the win!

I’ve got some sick new tools, a new mindset in place

Learning and leading with the kids in my space

This class, yo, yo, this is great!

Finding all these new ways to curate and create

Is this what read-write culture looks like?

Hmm… this might be alright!

But wait, what’s that you’re posting?

Is that a footprint you wanna be boasting?

Creepin’, griefin’ and trollin’ night and day

Upstanders gotta lead the way

Monica, she knows the price of shame

Words spread like fire, is that your flame?

Hold up, can one tweet ruin your rep?

Forgiveness, not shame is the right step

There’s one life to live, and nothing to fear

On and offline should reflect like a mirror

If anything I could say that this class was rare,

But I thought ‘Nah, forget it! – ‘We got lessons to share’

We looked back on the term

What we could see

Was a new vision for our online identity

We made it to the top,

could see the forest for the trees

A treasure chest of new literacies!


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