Here is a collection of my favorite and most frequently used web-based applications:

Word Art

Tagxedo– is just plain FUN…transforms collections of words into word clouds that appear in customized shapes and forms

Wordle– similar to Tagxedo as it generates word clouds, but without the option to customize with shapes and images


Animoto– a slick application that takes your photos, video clips and music and creates short movies

Presentation Tools

VoiceThread– allows you to create, narrate and collaborate on a collection of media

Prezi– a free presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas, also known as PowerPoint on steroids!

Glogster– an interactive, dynamic, online poster creating tool

Jing– captures images and videos on your screen and allows you to share your screen captures with others

Creating Tools

ZooBurst– a digital storytelling tool for creating on-line pop-up books

WriteComics– a tool for creating slick on-line comic strips

Videos for Learning

BrainPop– a fantastic collection of short, animated videos directed at learning outcomes in all subjects

The Story of Stuff– likely my favorite collection of videos- focusing on issues of consumption and the environment


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