Module 6: Jing

Module 7 featured an introduction to the software of Jing.  I enjoyed this module because Jing was unfamiliar to me and it was fun to tackle a new tool.  For the most part, I found Jing very user-friendly.  I like the simplicity of the “Sun” and ease of recording, minus one major drawback: the (apparent?) inability to redo only portions of your video recording.  I found this to be very frustrating because it meant restarting every time I made a mistake on my narrating or clicking, which meant a whole LOT of restarting!  It seems like this could easily be fixed within the software by allowing you to save portions of your completed recordings.  It would also improve the overall quality of each Jing because you could go back and redo less-than-stellar segments of your Jing.  Perhaps there is some way to do this and I have missed it.  I checked through the various tutorials and help sections but had no luck in finding direction.  If you know of a solution, please let me know.

Anyway, minus that slight (okay, it didn’t feel slight on the umpteenth recording of the silly thing!) detail…Jing is a great piece of software and I can many uses for it.  Here is my finished product, An Intro to Creative Commons.


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