I spend my days teaching Grade 6 at Mother Teresa Middle School in Regina, Saskatchewan.  We are a faith-based school working with incredible young people from the inner city of Regina.  Our mission is to work alongside our students and families to break the cycle of poverty through a rigorous, enriched and holistic program.

We are well-equipped with technology at MTMS.  We are blessed with one-to-one computing, as each student receives a personal laptop when they enter MTMS as a Grade 6 student.  Each classroom has 7 iPads (soon there will be a full set for each classroom) and I have two Smartboards in my room.  Aside from the technology (and my reversible whiteboards!), my favourite part of my classroom (more commonly referred to as The Design Studio) is my set of djembe drums!  I enjoy weekly drumming circles with each classroom at MTMS.  I am trained in a program called Drumbeat, which uses musically-inspired metaphors to teach students life lessons around themes of healthy relationships, empathy, identity and harmony.


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