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Through My Eyes: Launch Week
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Through My Eyes: Launch Week

Some might have wondered at the conversations overheard in my room this week… Me: “I just destroyed one of those big green guys.” Student: “Oh, that’s a zombie!” Me: “Eeeew! There’s this weird.. something… I don’t know what it is… that the zombie left behind!” Student: “Oh.  That’s just a piece of zombie flesh.  Go pick it up!  You … Continue reading

ECI 832 / Major Project

One Major Project, Many ‘Miner’ Details

It’s Launch Day!  Today we officially begin our Minecraft adventure with the students.   Last week I embraced my pirate spirit and set out on a #tlap mission to create some serious buzz leading up to the launch (shout out to the incredible lead pirate, Dave Burgess for his inspiration and idea-sparking sessions at the SMYA Conference!). … Continue reading

ECI 832 / Major Project

7 Days Til Launch! (An Update on Minecraft Math)

(This post was written alongside Terri and also appears on her blog, A Digital Mindset.) We’re approaching the final week of preparations for our official launch into Minecraft Math!  We are hopeful that writing through these early stages will help trace the learning journey, so here’s where things sit… 7 Days Til Launch! List of … Continue reading

ECI 832 / Reflections

Lessons from a 4-Year-Old Conversationalist

Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk “The Price of Shame” is exceptional.  The word that jumped out at me was “dimensional“.  She shared about how easy it was for people to forget that she, “That Woman, was dimensional, had a soul and was once unbroken”.  Her story is truly one of unbelievable pain and humiliation, but now, perhaps one … Continue reading