My Work

Here are samples of media forms I have created in recent years:

Minecraft Math (2015)- A video I created as a form of summative assessment for my Minecraft Math unit, focused on outcomes in Geometry and Measurement.

The Chalkboard (2015)- The current classroom blog used daily in my classroom at Mother Teresa Middle School.

The Chalkboard (2013)- A classroom blog I developed while teaching at Jack MacKenzie School.

Connected for Good (2013)-  Along with a colleague, we created this blog as a collective resource to support parents in our school community as they tackle the challenge of raising media-smart kids in an always changing, digital world.   This was a part of a major project in ECI 831, which also included the hosting of a Parent Engagement Night.

Raising Media-Smart Kids in a Digital World (2013)- This is a Prezi I created for the Parent Engagement Night.  It outlines the reality of the content of the internet, some suggestions and resources for parents, and lastly, the wonderful upside of the online world!

ECI 831 Tracks (A Summary of Learning) (2013)- This is a presentation I created at the conclusion of ECI 831.  It highlights the “Top Ten Take-Aways of ECI 831” and features a trailer and short screencast segments.

The True, or Not So True Story of Mr. Jack MacKenzie (2012)- One of my personal favorites, this is a video presentation/game I created for Mr. MacKenzie’s 85th Birthday celebration.  We viewed it during our (annual) birthday assembly for Jack, and students “played” the game as we viewed the video together.  Great memories, and special because it’s all about Jack!

Looking Back (2011)- This is a video I created for ED 808.  It provides a brief look into my stay at a refugee camp on the border of Thailand and Burma, as well as some reflections on the experience two years later.

A Sample Vlog (2009)- This is a unique vlog that I published for my classroom blog while living in Hong Kong.  I filmed the Vlog while bikeriding in Yangshuo, a beautiful area in the Southern province of Guangxi, China.

Azul’s Great Escape (2009)- This is a video that I created for a pep rally while teaching in Hong Kong.  It features our mascot, Azul, on the loose!  This movie stands on record as easily being the most fun to create, film and edit!

Go Lions (2008)- Here is another video I created for a school pep rally.

Here are samples of work I created throughout ED 834 (2012):

Module 4: Poetic Devices Prezi

Module 5: A VoiceThread on Fairness

Module 6: An Intro to Creative Commons, via Jing

Module 8: Fueling Regina: An Energized Webquest


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